Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Circus is Coming!

Advanced Ticket Prices
Adults $10.00
Kids $6.00

The money Main Street receives will stay in Mangum to help promote Mangum.

Mangum Main Street began as a grass roots effort by local business people who wanted to revitalize the downtown area in Mangum, Oklahoma. Their goal was to make the area into a destination for visitors and a viable business location for new businesses. The program provides assistance to new and existing businesses to ensure their success. It joins with other local organizations for promotional events that bring visitors into the district. With only one paid staff member, the projects are designed and staffed by volunteers from the community.

Renovations to downtown buildings have just resulted in the
$1 Million Award from Oklahoma Main Street being presented to the City of Mangum and Mangum Main Street. The award reflects the private reinvestment in the downtown district in the past few years. New businesses are moving into the district as a result of this renovation effort, thus increasing the tax base for the entire community.

Future goals include a mural project in recognition of past events in our community and an economic "buydown" project to assist new businesses that want to locate within the district. These projects are all funded by donations from businesses and private donors and by fund-raising projects created by volunteers.


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